Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why I believe that Henry Linton is my 3rd great grandfather


The key is whether my grandfather, William Walker Fearon, is the same man as Marjorie Gardner's great great grandmother's brother's (George Linton) daughter's (Mary Louisa Linton) son - William Fearon.

Both were born in 1889.

My grandfather reported on his selective service application in 1917 that he was born in Belfast, Ireland, to John Fearon and Mary Fearon.  I don't believe that's true, unless he was born while his parents were traveling in that area.

His middle name is Walker, the family name of his grandmother.

He named his oldest daughter, Beatrice.  William Walker's sister was named Beatrice Ellen Fearon.

His second oldest daughter (my aunt Eloise), provided me in 1995 with the married names and addresses of three of his sisters, to whom she had corresponded for years:

Mrs. R. Anderson, 21 Napier Street, Auckland, New Zealand.  English marriage records indicate that Rebecca Fearon married Robert Anderson in the 1st quarter of 1921 in Tynemouth, Northumberland.
Mrs. J. D. Williamson, 35 Wetheriggs Drive, Penrith, Cumberland, England.  English marriage records indicate that Edith Fearon married James D. Williamson in the 3rd quarter of 1928 in Whitehaven, Cumberland.
Marian Stronach, 1761 Great North Road, Auckland, New Zealand.  New Zealand's WWII Selective service rolls indicate that the butcher, Gordon William Stronach, lived at that address in April and June of 1943.

If I'm right, and my grandfather is the same William Walker that appears in Marjorie Gardener's family tree, then we share the same 3rd great grandfather, Henry Linton.

Gregory Fearon

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