Saturday, March 31, 2012

William Walker Fearon


My grandfather wrote in 1917 on his selective service application that he was born in Belfast, Ireland on November 7, 1891. Fifty-five years later, his second wife indicated that he was born in Kansas on his death certificate, and advanced his date of birth to 1896. Also indicated were his parents names: John Fearon and Mary Fearon, of Ireland. On the 1930 U.S. Census, he indicated that he and his parents were born in Northern Ireland.

My father's older sister, Eloise, wrote me in August of 1995 to tell me that she had corresponded with her father's three sisters, and gave me their last known addresses: Ann Stronagh of 1761 Great North Road, Avendale, Auckland, New Zealand; Mrs. R. Anderson, of 21 Napier Street, Auckland, New Zealand; and Mrs. J. D. Williamson, of 35 Wetheriggs Rise, Penrith, Cumberland, England. I wrote to all three, and the letters were all returned indicating they were not known at those addresses. I've been looking for two decades for any confirming evidence of this information with no luck.

Last year, however, I was contacted by Marjorie Gardner, of Leicester, Leicestershire, England, who wrote the following text in a message within

Hello Gregory, Happy New Year to you! Ancestry has given me a link to my entry for Beatrice Ellen Fearon to assist your request for information. I am not sure why as I have no William Walker Fearon in my tree. But to give you some information about Beatrice....she was born 1882 in Cumberland....St Bees. She is the daughter of John Fearon (b 1860) and Mary Louisa Linton (b 1863). My link is with Mary L Linton. She is the daughter of George Linton (b 1836 d1910) and Rebecca Williamson (B 1843 d1924) and George is the brother of my great great grandmother Mary Linton. George LINTON is the son of Henry Linton of Workington, Cumberland (b 1810 d 1838 and Mary Mullen (b1814 d 1898) If I can be any other assistance to you, please let me know. best wishes. Marjorie

There is a listing for George and Mary Linton in both the 1841 and 1851 English Census. They are living in Workington, England with their mother Mary Linton. In the 1851 Census, their mother has taken the last name of Lewthwaite.   By the 1881 Census, George has grown up, and married Rebecca Williamson. Their oldest daughter, Mary Louisa Linton, was born in 1863, and has moved out and married John Fearon by then. The 1891 English Census lists John and Mary L. Fearon living in St. Bees, Ennerdale, Cumberland with their children: Beatrice Ellen, Margaret Walker, William, and George. Mary's younger siblings are living with her parents at 51 Edkin Street, Workington. Margaret dies in 1898, and John and Mary have six more children: Anna, Marian, Rebecca, Mabel, John, and Mary. Both families continue to live in the same area in the 1901 English Census.

Sometime after 1901, the oldest child of John and Mary Fearon (William Walker Fearon) leaves for America. In the 1911 English Census, the coal miner John Fearon and his wife are listed as living in Frizington, Cumberland, with their 21-year old son George (also a coal miner), and his siblings Rebecca, Mabel, John, Mary, and Edith. The record indicates that this couple had 14 children, ten of which were living in 1911.  I now believe this to be my grandfather's family, and I'm going looking for their descendants next August.