Friday, November 2, 2007

Continuing Research


Here are the continuing questions which drive my research currently:

1. Who were my father's father's parents? My grandfather's selective service record in 1917 indicates that he was born in Belfast to John Fearon and Mary Walker. I'm looking for William Walker Fearon's birth certificate, or record of birth, in November 9, 1896. I'm also looking for any records of his parents.

2. Who were Pat's father's parents? Jan Kuta and Katherine Olearski were born in Poland. We think we know the town names, and have located hers.

3. Who were my wife's brother's wife's father's great-grandfather's parents (Marvin Miller, born in 1817 in New York)? Who were her father's grandmother's parents (mary A.Miller, born in 1858 in Massachusetts)? Who were her father's mother's father's parents (John Monigle, born in 1869 in Ireland)? Who were her father's mother's mother's parents (Joseph Laware, born in 1824 in French Canada, and Mary Laware, born in 1832 in French Canada)?

4. I'm doing some research on the family of a friend of mine, Jim Evans. We are looking for his father's father's parents, and have located .