Thursday, February 22, 2007

Soyne family farm photos


My friend and cousin, Trudy Sondrol Wasson, sent me these photos of the Soyne family farm. She is helping me better understand the locations and histories of my family's Norwegian ancestry. She has also sent me maps and other information about several of my family's ancestral farms in the area in and around Vang.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Norwegian Connections


With the help of the Digitalarkivet, I was able to locate some key family farms in Vang, and some key relatives living there in the 1801 Census:

Anne Madsdtr Myhre - Mother of Ann Sjugurdsdatter Lajord, 22 years old and living on the Myhre farm with her brothers John (28) and Thron (32), and sisters Marit (34) and Randi (19). Also living there is his father Mads Johnsen Myhre (64), and mother Anne Evensdtr Myhre (60).

Endre Trondsen Kattevold - grandfather of Ingeborg Ovesdatter Kattevold (her father's side), wife of Jon Johnsen Soine. At 24, he is living on the Kattevold farm with his brother Ove (22), and sisters (Ambior (26), Gertrud (17), Dorthe (15), and Kirsti (12). Also living there is his father Thron Johnsen Kattevold (60), and mother Kiersti Boyesdtr Kattevold (56).

Osten Torstensen Boe - grandfather of Ingaborg Ovesdatter Kattevold (her mother's side). At 20, he is living on the Boe Sondre farm with his sister Giertrude (15), his father Torsten Torstensen Boe (54), and his mother Giertrude Ostensdtr Boe (55).

Per (Peder) Johnsen Kvale (Qvale) - grandfather of Jon Johnsen Soine (his father's side). At 25, he is living on the Qvale farm with his brothers Iver (23), John (15), and Anders (9). His sisters were Randi (19) and Anne (18). Also living there is his father John Pedersen Qvale (58), and his mother Ingeborg Iversdtr Qvale (47).

Ingeborg Andersdtr Thune - grandmother of Jon Johnsen Soine (his father's side). At 24, she is living with her brothers Anders (27) Torsten (21), and Iver (38). Also living there is her father Anders Iversen Thune (65) and her mother Ingri Johnsdtr Thune (65).