Friday, November 26, 2010

Lucy Ellen Watson

My great great grandmother, Lucy Ellen Watson, can trace her ancestors back to the kings of England, Spain, and France.

Here's how it goes:

Lucy Ellen Watson is my great great grandmother.  Lucy's mother, Harriett Anthoine, is the 7th great granddaughter of Sarah Cushman (1641-1695).  Sarah's mother, Mary Allerton, is the daughter of Isaac Allerton and Mary Norris, two of the passengers on the Mayflower.  Mary Norris, is the 10th great granddaughter of Eleanor Plantagenet (1311-1372).  Eleanor is the 2nd granddaughter of Henry II, King of England (1132-1189).  Henry's children and grandchildren were the royalty of Europe during the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.  One son was Richard I (the Lion-hearted) of England, and another was Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany. A daughter was Eleanor, Queen of Castille, and another was Joan, Queen of Sicily and Countess of Toulouse.

Henry II, is my 24th great grandfather.

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