Sunday, July 25, 2010

France Roots Trip Successful


I just realized that I forgot to post the results of our trip to France last fall. We had a wonderful time visiting 6,000 kilometers of France. Beginning with my ancestral home town of Mortagne au Perche, I found even more than I thought possible. The town's church (where my ggggggrandparents were married) has a stain-glass window depicting their landing in Quebec, and a wall placque with their names on it. There is also a museum in the area with an exhibit dedicated to the journey they took (with 98 others) to Quebec in the 1630's.

Here's a link to some posts I made to our travel blog: Mortagne au Perche

Our trip to France continued on to Normandie, Bretagne, and 12 other provinces before spending the last week in Paris. It was an adventure which strengthened my own sense of French history and my French heritage. History is always much more interesting when your own ancestors lived through it. To learn more about the adventure, visit our blog for each day after the link above.

And have fun exploring your heritage.


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TCasteel said...

Lucky you. It sounds like a great research trip.