Tuesday, September 2, 2008



After many years of telling myself that I travel to Minnesota, meet my cousins, and find my grandfather and grandmother's graves, I have almost succeeded. Over the past week, I have met with three cousins, one of them a first cousin. I have found my grandfather's grave (pictured below), and will look for my grandmother's in Prior Lake in a couple of days. I've spent time with my Aunt Eloise, who at 93 is still active and enthusiastic about her life.

In the next week, my wife and I will be traveling to Ray, North Dakota to try to learn more about the lives of my grandparents and their siblings. As usual, I'll be posting journals and photos to our travel blog (http://gfpktravels.blogspot.com).


csoine said...

My great,great grandfather was Ole C. Soine. Is anne soine his sister. My aunt has some of our family tree. If this is the same ole soine. Ithaught you might be interested. csoine

Anonymous said...

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