Monday, January 22, 2007

Important Questions


Well, I've gotten a few more pieces of information since my last post here, so I thought that I would summarize the important questions I'm pursuing so I can focus the work ahead. Most of the questions concern the period of 1800-1860, and relate to the transition from Norway to the U.S.

1. Who lived on the Soine farm in Vang, Valdres, Norway? Who from that farm traveled to the U.S., and became members of the Soine family here? and when, and where did they settle? I've gotten a referral from my cousins Bob Skogman and Shirley Manning to Erling Nefstad. Erling lives on the Soine farm, in a house directly across the street from the site of the original house.

2. Where do the Lajordes fit into the Vang, Valdres, Norway history? If my great great grandfather, John Johnsen Soine, came to the U.S. on the Statsraad Vogt in 1848 with two others his same age from Vang (Nils Tronsen Lajordes and Anders Andersen Lajordes) whose names are nearly the same as that reported to be his mothers name (Anna Sjugurdsdatter Lajord) - could these be his cousins? Where did they settle into in the U.S.? My latest information seems to indicate they are cousins of my great great grandfather, and that they settled in Minnesota.

3. Some of the others who came over on the Statsraad seem to have names which relate to my family. Do they have relatives or farms in Vang which can be located? The names (and ages) are: Knud Halvorsen Strand (30), Anne Halvorsdatter (26), Anne Haaversdatter Berge (22), Halvor Haldorsen Hagen (20), and Ingebret Christophersen Heen (49). Do they have descendants in the U.S.?

4. There are names from the ancestry of my great great great grandmother mentioned in #3 above) which are Haen, Kvale, Kattevold, and Bo. What can be found out about their descendants? I found farms in Vang for Bo, Ellingboe, Haen, Kattevol, and Kvale in the database online.

This is a start at some key questions I'm interested in getting any information which readers can provide.

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